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With immense pleasure I warmly welcome you to  AHR CAMPUS hospitality training Institute of its kind in South India , assuring a highly enriching and rewarding tenure. The tourism and aviation industry is expanding rapidly, and there have been sweeping changes over the past few decades. This is the right moment to invest in a career in this industry, where the need of the hour is professionalism and excellence. At AHR CAMPUS, we will help you to dream, learn and discover the dynamics of this industry and be part of its growth story. Here you learn all you need to know to perform to the highest standards and fulfill your potential at work from sharpening your mental ability and becoming more productive to finding and learning from mentors. Achieving excellence not only gives practical techniques for leading effectively and influencing others, but also shows you how to develop the confidence and drive to become outstanding and successful personnel in your respective field. We will groom you with the skills required to effectively contribute and make your mark in the world of aviation.

The Hospitality business continuously demands new services, new ways of presenting existing services and new ideas for enhancing the experience of their demanding clientele. The advanced phase of training includes comprehensive courses on fraud prevention, re-configuration of aircraft, space control, Unit Load Devices and maximum capacity utilization, carriage of live animal, perishable cargo and Dangerous goods, Ramp safety and security, lost and found, claims and liabilities etc including the international aviation law and the latest and innovative e-AWB.

By the end of your program, you will be ready to take up a variety of roles such as an Airline Traffic officer or an Airport Manager. Guiding you through the way will be our accomplished faculty members who have decades of proven experience in their fields.

AHR CAMPUS   values the role of technology in its training programs. To facilitate a more interactive learning environment, for our students the campus life is a period of transformation into a responsible global citizens, making them capable of facing the future with resilience and optimism. Therefore graduates of AHR CAMPUS are highly sought after in the industry and the work place, valued for their education, range of skills and professionalism.

With this introduction I whole heartedly invite you to join hands with us, to strengthen your capabilities in order to achieve excellence beyond imagination.
Join the AHR Family and excel in the competitive world of the aviation industry.


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Soar above the competition……..pursuing excellence and perfection

AHR  CAMPUS allows potential Cabin Crew a chance to experience a virtual Airline Ground School to enhance their chance of success. Our vision is to become an academy of unsurpassed and unparalleled quality in Aviation & Hospitality industry.



Our mission is to emerge as the leading catalyst in moulding the minds of the future generation by blending education with cultural, spiritual and humanitarian values. In doing thus, we hope to promote in individuals the inner strength to move forward in life with the higher purpose of extending selfless service to the community at large.

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