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AHR CAMPUS KOCHI,the Educational wing of ACOM MANAGENT STUDIES  , KOCHI. We are the  Skill knowledge partner of JAIN DEEMED TO BE UNIVERSITY, BENGALURU.The faculty is blended with Industry and Academic experience this helps immensely in making the students globally employable. AHR CAMPUS is one of the premier vocational training institutes in South India. As a matter of fact, it is indisputable, that a person’s standard of living always depends upon the job he holds. The establishment of AHR CAMPUS was initiated by the wealth of experience of the promoters in the fields of Hospitality and Aviation and an astute insight into the immense scope for employment in these fields. The aspiring youngsters are molded for a successful career by the best professionals in the industry who have in-depth knowledge in their respective fields. They are trained to acquire the quality and confidence required to understand and solve problems in day-to day operations.

AHR CAMPUS has been one of the world’s most trusted Airline and Hotel Management training schools! Most Cabin Crew and Hotel Management Schools only show you how to get an interview. AHR CAMPUS will provide a complete and comprehensive Airline &hospitality training experience, and we make sure that you are getting the relevant experience airlines & Hospitality industry are looking for.

It would be amazing information for you that with a mere +2 qualification a youngster could get a proud and sweetening ‘flying career’, specifically, as a flight pursuer or an Air hostess & hotel management. This is definitely an incomparable career. The remuneration being paid in this field is very attractive. The job also gives indescribable opportunities. One who joins an Airlines firm can see and experience the beauty and activities of famous cities in the world and feel the pleasure of excellent hotels there. Occasions to meet illustrious and important persons frequently would really be a blessing.

AHR CAMPUS provides the most fascinating career to those eagerly wish to fly high. At present the commercial aviation industry all over the world has raised challenges and has introduced novelties in career options. Now a day, this field has become tremendously competitive and therefore, all the Airline managements try to obtain candidates with extreme ingenuity and smartness. We train you effectively, prepare you to face any competition and make you absolutely active. You can surely fulfill your ambitions and fly the sky indeed; the steps should be taken without any delay.
As an Air hostess training & hospitality training institute the position of AHR CAMPUS, is luxuriant and is No.1 in South India. AHR CAMPUS has duly affiliated with BSS NATIONAL DEVOLEPMENT AGENCY PROMOTED BY GOVERNMENT OF INDIA in connection with the certification courses, and BVOV course We are the  Skill knowledge partner of JAIN DEEMED TO BE UNIVERSITY, BENGALURU. With profound self confidence we introduce our placement assistance. AHR CAMPUS has many ingenious trainers whose expertise in this field is outstanding. Students trained by the dedicated master trainers become highly skilled and transcendent to secure job soon after the completion of training. Actually, AHR CAMPUS are valuable role begins only when the students have completed the course.
Come and Join AHR CAMPUS! We assure you that our training will definitely transform you into a highly qualified first class aviation hospitality professional with extreme expertness. You will be appointed in any of the Airlines being operated in our country. Thus, your dreams can be fulfilled. Your relatives and others who pray for your wellbeing and bright future will also feel happy. AHR CAMPUS is a top aviation training &hospitality training institute which has always been enjoying proved and undeniable credibility. Our accelerated flight training & hospitality training courses and qualitatively amazing ground schools have brought success and dignity.


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Soar above the competition……..pursuing excellence and perfection

AHR  CAMPUS allows potential Cabin Crew a chance to experience a virtual Airline Ground School to enhance their chance of success. Our vision is to become an academy of unsurpassed and unparalleled quality in Aviation & Hospitality industry.



Our mission is to emerge as the leading catalyst in moulding the minds of the future generation by blending education with cultural, spiritual and humanitarian values. In doing thus, we hope to promote in individuals the inner strength to move forward in life with the higher purpose of extending selfless service to the community at large.

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