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Life in the campus is not a training ground for a sedentary lifestyle circling around.
The class room tables; it offers a wide range of activities for a sound mind and a healthy body. This institution respects each student as an individual; we appreciate the fact that there is no common solution for defining problems of students from varied background. Hence we try to have as much co-ordination as possible with the parents of our students so that we can understand and appreciate the behavioral response of all students in their respective classes.

AHR CAMPUS builds an effective parent teacher communication which makes our Academy a richer learning centre.
Parental encouragement and support in the academic and personal success of students is very important during the period of campus life as it is a transition stage with more independence and freedom. The role of the parent or the guardian as a caretaker and a coach may change but their opinion matters much to their child though they may be miles away from their home. Their opinion matters to us as well and we greatly encourage and value their relationship with the college.
We always expect the advices and encouragement of the parents to their wards in achieving excellence in education by strictly following the guidelines, systems and practices being followed in the campus.

As part of the earnest desire of the management to create one of the well disciplined Aviation& Hospitality training Schools in South India, all students shall compulsorily observe the prescribed code of conduct inside and outside the campus.

No student will be admitted to the institute, unless his/her application for admission is duly countersigned by the parent/guardian.

Application for admission to the courses should be made in the prescribed form available along with the prospectus.

Interview requests will be sent to the short listed candidates. Admission will be confirmed only after the interview
Interview requests will be sent to the short listed candidates. Admission will be confirmed only after the interview
Overseas students must submit proof of having sufficient financial resources adequate to meet the educational expenses required for the duration of the course. This should be in the form of a recent Bank statement, in original, and must be provided before admission is granted.
Seat block will not be refunded.
Original certificates deposited on admission shall not be returned before clearing all the liabilities with the institution.
Administration office timings are from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm (MON-FRI) & 9.30 am to 4.00pm (SAT).
All students must provide ten passport size photographs at the time of the admission.
Students who do not submit the original Secondary school leaving Certificates for the interview shall submit it at the earliest date.
Original certificates deposited at the time of the admission will be returned only after the completion of the course and clearing all the dues.
Once the student is admitted and if he/she discontinues the course, the fees paid will not be refunded.


Fees and other related charges should be paid within the period stipulated by the institute at the time of the admission
Fees should be paid only at the office cash counter and a receipt should be obtained immediately. The Management will not be responsible for any illegal payments.
Candidates will be entitled to a 5% concession of the total tuition fee if paid in full.
Fees once paid for a course, in full or part, will not be refunded/adjusted/transferred under any reason to any other course or person
Course completion Certificate will be issued only upon settling applicable fees.


A biometric technology system monitors the students’ attendance.
Continuous absence for 15 days without prior permission or any valid reason will lead to removal of the candidate from the rolls.
Periodical class tests will be carried out and the performance of the student will be intimated to the parent/guardian.
AHR Diplomas will only be issued to students who secure the required minimum pass marks.
                     i) Passing Levels: 60% and above
                    ii) Distinction: 85% and above
Students with less than 80% attendance will not be permitted to write the final exam.


It is mandatory for all students to wear their institute ID card while in the campus.
It is compulsory that students should attend the institute in the stipulated institute uniform even on special days of functions and rehearsals unless specified otherwise.
Low waist pants are not allowed in the campus.
The shirt is to be tucked in properly.
All boys must wear vests.
Shoes must be black in color, clean and neatly polished.
Whenever students are permitted to wear casual clothes, they must be suitably and modestly be attired for school.


All students shall be in the class room at8.55am, 5 minutes prior the morning bell.
The institute expects students to be polite, friendly and well behaved in and outside the institute. They shall be respectful to their teachers, elders and considerate towards their juniors: honest and truthful at all times.
Students shall not leave their classrooms or enter other classrooms without permission.
Students are not allowed to enter teacher’s cubicle without permission or in the absence of any teacher.
Speaking in English is compulsory at the institute for the benefit of the learners in the long run, especially of those who have not been used to earlier.
Preference for campus placements are strictly based on the class performance, behavior and internal assessments
Any damage caused to the property of the institute or of other students must be reported to the management and will have to be compensated for.
Mobile phones are not permitted in the institute. Should they be found in use in the campus, they would be confiscated.
Students are not permitted to bring iPods, cameras, laptops and other electronic equipment without the permission of the teacher concerned.
Campus has adopted anti-ragging procedures and students should not indulge in any such activities.
Parents/Guardians are not allowed to enter class rooms.


Written Intimation: We believe in keeping the parents informed promptly of positive as well as negative behavioral changes observed in the students from time to time
Counseling: Any kind of behavioral or emotional problems or academic backwardness may be discussed in person as and when required, in an informal and conducive atmosphere.
Conference: A conference will be called to inform the parents about the inappropriate behavior of their wards in spite of repeated warnings, with suggestions for parental action and support.
Parents can meet the respective teachers only with the permission of the Admin - Head between11.00pm to 2.00pm.


Any legal matter pertaining to the institution is limited within Ernakulam jurisdiction only.
Hostel accommodation: The Management will assist to find suitable accommodation for male and female students at nearby hostels.
Preference for campus placement will be based on the student’s performance in the Finishing School and/or Internal Assessments.
Note: Students will be provided only with placement assistance from the institute.



Respond to circulars and other communication from the institute promptly.
Supervise your ward’s daily activities.
Ensure that the ward has adequate hours of study at home and completes all assignments.
Encourage your ward to participate in all co-curricular activities and school functions.
Ensure your ward is punctual.
Attend open-house meetings to get an update on the student’s academic progress and conduct.
Intimate any change of phone number or address to the institute promptly.
Ensure your ward gives due consideration to the following areas.

                Lack of effort
                Preparing for class
                Missing assignments
                Completes work in time
                Exclusion from class
                Poor test score/ grades
                Excessive late coming
                Excessive absence
                Lending/borrowing money
                Disrespectful to others
                Disturbs/physically hurts others
                Speaking in English
                Bad attitude and language
                Excess cash in hand
                Speaking in English
                Destroying institute’s property


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Soar above the competition……..pursuing excellence and perfection

AHR  CAMPUS allows potential Cabin Crew a chance to experience a virtual Airline Ground School to enhance their chance of success. Our vision is to become an academy of unsurpassed and unparalleled quality in Aviation & Hospitality industry.



Our mission is to emerge as the leading catalyst in moulding the minds of the future generation by blending education with cultural, spiritual and humanitarian values. In doing thus, we hope to promote in individuals the inner strength to move forward in life with the higher purpose of extending selfless service to the community at large.

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