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With pride and prudence we introduce ourselves as South India’s No.1 Aviation School in its specified width and greatness. We provide competent training for those who become fit for the Aviation and its related Sectors at an affordable fee. We have registered a healthy growth and have provided efficient and sincere candidates to the Airlines and Travel and Tourism Industry.
Over the years we have secured a fair and strong position in the field of training and we continue to transform the lives of students and have grown to be  South India’s No. 1 Aviation School. Our humble beginning was as a Human Resource Consultancy. We have helped a lot of people in fulfilling their goals and dreams and achieved the satisfaction and pleasure of transforming the lives of people from darkness to divine light. As we recognized that there will be a great demand and requirement of workforce in Aviation and its related industries, we decided to train eligible students to be placed in this booming industry. That was when it all began, the birth of our own hospitality training School…..AHR CAMPUS…………a blessing and a light for many….especially for those who were not fortunate enough to dream big!

WHY WE STAND NO. 1   : The secret of our success is nothing but PLACEMENT, PLACEMENT and PLACEMENT. We value the effort and time taken by our students and their parents, thus we place each and every one of our students in a position that suits their interests and skill which help them to be World Changers in their respective fields. It is only because of our precious and dedicated students who patiently endured the process of strict mentoring and achieved great heights in the Aviation and its related Sector, gave us a reputation of being South India’s No. 1 HOSPITALITY School. We are proud to have such wonderful students, infact our motivation itself is our students.


At AHR CAMPUS we provide the best Communicative English training. Classes are handled by experienced senior Airhostess, Corporate Trainers and professionals from the aviation industry. Every great achiever is someone who follows his dreams with a lot of faith and consistency. At AHR CAMPUS we lay a strong foundation for students to excel in the career of their choice and to fulfill their dreams.


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Soar above the competition……..pursuing excellence and perfection

AHR  CAMPUS allows potential Cabin Crew a chance to experience a virtual Airline Ground School to enhance their chance of success. Our vision is to become an academy of unsurpassed and unparalleled quality in Aviation & Hospitality industry.



Our mission is to emerge as the leading catalyst in moulding the minds of the future generation by blending education with cultural, spiritual and humanitarian values. In doing thus, we hope to promote in individuals the inner strength to move forward in life with the higher purpose of extending selfless service to the community at large.

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